Introduction: Planet Fascinator

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The theme for this year's PromDemonium was Space Prom. I love any excuse to dress up and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to make something fun with YuKonstruct's laser.

I already had a sequined gown to wear, so I set out to make myself a standout space-inspired accessory. With some leftover acrylic, LEDs and dollar store craft supplies, I create a Saturn-like fascinator with glowing rings.

To make your own sci-fi spacey fascinator, you'll need:

  • Wig (optional - I used this one)
  • Large styrofoam ball
  • Felt
  • Glitter glue
  • Clear acrylic
  • Yellow acetate
  • Decorative mesh tubing (optional)
  • Chibitronics LED stickers
  • Copper tape
  • Coin cell battery
  • Small binder clip
  • Glue gun
  • Pins
  • Needle & thread

Step 1: Make the Planet

Cut off part of the styrofoam ball to make a flat area where it will sit against your head.

Wrap the styrofoam ball in felt. Glue the felt to the bottom of the styrofoam ball with hot glue.

Cover the felt in glitter glue to make it really sparkly. Let the glitter dry.

Step 2: Make the Rings

Measure the diameter of your planet.

Using Corel Draw, Illustrator or a similar program, draw two circles with the same centre point. Those two circles will be the cut lines. The inside circle should be slightly smaller than the diameter of your planet. The outer circle will be the outer edge of the rings.

Add additional circles between the two cut lines, but give the lines width so they will be etched instead of cut on the laser. (I originally wasn't planning on etching the rings, but after testing the LEDs I realized that the etching really helps diffuse the light)

Etch and cut the rings out of acrylic with a laser cutter.

Step 3: Add Lights

Run two lines of copper tape around the planet, where the acrylic rings will connect with the styrofoam ball, with two ends extending down to the bottom of the planet.

Place the LED stickers around the planet with all the + ends on one line of copper tape and all the - ends on the other. Secure the LED stickers to the planet with pins (Chibitronics stickers have small holes so they can be sewn onto things, you can push the pins through the holes right into the styrofoam)

Step 4: Put It All Together

For a bit of colour, cut a ring out of coloured acetate and glue it to the acrylic disk with glitter glue.

Glue the rings to the planet with hot glue.

Use more hot glue to carefully glue the planet to the wig. With a needle and thread, sew the edges of the felt to the wig's mesh to ensure that it is on securely. (If you don't want to wear a wig, you could attach the fascinator to a headband, hair clip or hat)

I added decorative mesh tubing where the rings connect to the planet, but in hindsight, I think the fascinator might have looked better without it.

Place a coin cell battery between the two ends of copper tape and wrap it in a small piece of felt. Hold it in place with a binder clip (this makes it easy to change the battery if it dies while you are out dancing).

Step 5: Look Awesome!

Wear your fabulous planet fascinator with pride!

If you make one, please share a photo in the comments!