Introduction: Plantable Cloud Paper

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    Do you have a bunch of paper or paper scraps around? Try making plantable paper I'm certainly not the first person to DIY some paper (this turns out as thick paper), plantable paper, or maybe even paper with a cloud pattern.

    You could also omit the seeds to make some pretty paper.

    But neither here nor there, I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

    Step 1: Supplies

    • Blender
      • This might not be suitable for food after using it for this
    • Ripped paper in blue & white, in separate containers suitable for soaking the paper
      • I ended up with different paper than is in this picture
    • Seeds
    • Screen
      • I DIYed one with a piece of old tights stretched over an embroidery hoop
    • Roller (optional)
      • You could also try a rolling pin, but it's not necessary
    • Water

    Step 2: Soak

    Soak your paper in separate containers.

    Cover the paper entirely with water.

    Allow to soak over night-ish.

    Step 3: Blend

    Place the white paper & water mixture in the blender & blend. Add more water if necessary. Once it's become pulp-like consistency (it shouldn't take too long), return to its soaking container.

    Repeat with the blue.

    Step 4: Add Seeds

    Add some seeds to the pulp. You can add some to each color, or just choose one color.

    Mix the seeds in by hand.

    Step 5: Pour

    Pour each color pulp onto the screen, making a kind of swirly cloud pattern.

    Jiggle out excess water (such a technical tutorial, I know :)).

    Press the paper pulp together, getting some more of the excess water out.

    Step 6: Dry

    Allow your paper to dry. Before fully dry, you can roll it out to make it smoother on one or both sides. This is optional.

    I fiddled with mine before it dried, making it into a little heart shape.

    If some of the seeds fall out, don't worry. Just plant them, compost them, or save them for another batch.

    Step 7: Trim

    Trim your paper to whatever size you want. You can also fold it where you want it "cut" for a little more natural look.

    [This piece hadn't fully dried before I trimmed it; I think that's why it didn't trim quite right.]

    I've demonstrated this with a pair of Henriette upcycled harp string earrings, available in the Fischarper Etsy store. :)

    If you make this, I'd love to see it on Instructables, &/or please share it with me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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