Introduction: Plastic Card Reuses

About: I plan on adding a few other instructibles soon. Next might be an upcycled cork trivet tray, and an upcycled pot/pan rack from old materials.

I have a certain company that just loves sending me these plastic credit card sized things for free. I've been collecting then for a while, and decided to stay using them for other purposes.

Step 1: Plant Seedling Marker

I'd cut a fatter than normal strip, and notate the seedling to be planted. Cutting on a sharp angle will maintain it's height, and penetrate the cardboard well. I did use a tool to poke a hole into the planet, and push the market into the planet till tight.

Step 2: Key Tag

Mark a strip of plastic, and then only go halfway. That way, you have another full piece on the other side. Notate the key's use, and a spot where a hole will be punched. Punch and attach.

Step 3: Shirt Collar Stiffener

I always lose these for weeks, so a few back-ups are nice. Trace out one of the existing stiffeners, and cut out leaving the marker line so it is the same size as the older one.

Step 4: Simple and Functional

This were just a few uses of the free material sent to me. I'm sure I'll figure out a few more uses as time and need goes on. Please share withideas on how you have repurposed these little plastic cards.