Introduction: Playing Card Holder

This is for those children or even adults who may have grasping issues. It allows for the person to have access to 12 to 24 cards (depending on the size of the egg carton) at a time so they may learn or play with ease.


What you will need:

egg carton (styrofoam may work as well)


marker (optional-to mark lines you will cut)

Step 1: Cut Cut Cut

unfortunately I did not mark the lines i cut with a marker for this but the idea is to cut off the top end of the carton and the extra tab used to close it. Leaving only the bottom end of the carton (with the egg holder end)

note: you can see where i was cutting in the picture in regards to where the scissors were placed

Step 2: Mark and Cut

Now you will mark and cut slits in the egg cups (these slits are where the cards will slip into)

Step 3: Enjoy!

Finally you are able to slip the playing cards in and enjoy this easy to make card holder!