Introduction: Playing Cards Clock

In this Instructables, we will use an old clock and playing cards to change it into a brand new one !

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You will need basic tools :

Glue stick
Spraypaint (black)
Flat screwdriver

And obviously :

Playing cards
An old clock

Step 1: Recover the Clock

First you will recover the clock using a flat screwdriver and remove the clockwises.

Step 2: Paint the Clock

Then you will paint the clock with a black spraypaint. Let it dry the time it needs.

Step 3: Cut the Clock Basis

Once the clock is dry, measure its intern radius and cut a sheet of cardboard that fit in it.

We will use a little bit a trigonometry to mark it !
Draw lines as shown in the picture, at every quarter of it width and high.

We so have marked the place for every card we will glue.

Step 4: Choose Your Cards

Then you can choose the cards you will glue on your clock and practice how you will do it.

Be carefull that your last cards go under your first.

Step 5: Glue Your Cards

It's time to glue your cards on the round cardboard sheet as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Cut the Cards Corners

Then you must cut the corners of the cards and drill the center of your center card (mine was first the king but finally I chose the joker). You can glue it on the center of your cards.

Step 7: Put Everything Together

Finally glue the cards on the clock, put everything back together and you are done !!!

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