Introduction: Pluck N' Play

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This is an office/homemade guitar that you can make in an instant and just pluck then play!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need 1 ruler, multiple rubber bands, a tape roll, an eraser, and other miscellaneous items.

Step 2: Ruler Prep

Tape the tape roll to the ruler very securely. Next take the eraser and place it vertically above the tape roll on the ruler. Now you need to take a rubber band and wrap it around the eraser as many times as possible.

Step 3: Strings

This is the most dangerous and complicated step of this project. Depending on what sound you are looking for, you should do different things. If you want a low sound go for a larger and stretchier rubber band. If you are going high find the small yet stretchy bands. There are also many techniques to creating sound.

Step 4: Tuning

To tune your new guitar, all you need to do is experiment. I have found that is you put a rubber band at the top of the strings, the sound is sharper. And 2 strings works best. Also you may notice that the cool thing about this guitar is that it creates multiple sounds for each string. For example in my pictures, there is a tan rubber band. When I pluck it on the tape roll, it's high pitched. When I pluck it at the top/middle of the ruler, it immediately becomes deeper. This happens with all strings. And P.S. if anyone was wondering, the eraser helps keep the tape roll in place. Everyone comment and follow me! More instructables soon! Today was my first day on here and I have created 3 instructables already!
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