Introduction: The Ultimate Paper Toy House

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This is a house I made to house all my Lego dudes and all my other small toys.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need gloss paper or strong paper,construction paper,tape,markers, and glue.

Step 2: Make the Foundation

Now is the time to make the bottom level of the house/the foundation. This will call for several pieces of paper. But the number is optional. Decide how bid you want your house to be. That will determine how much paper you will need. I recommend measuring the paper first. Next you need to arrange several pieces of paper in various directions to ensure strength. Cut and trim to maintain your measurements. Next put tape under your paper as another layer of foundation.

Step 3: Walls

This step will show you how to use walls to create rooms. If you would like to do the flooring first, read this step after you do the flooring. But I don't recommend that because most people don't want the same carpet that's in their bedroom to be in their kitchen. I know I don't! Making walls can be very tough, so I suggest you get familiar with your ruler. The first wall we make is the foundation wall. This wall should go all around the perimeter of your foundation. I found that it can be difficult getting this wall up, so I came up with a strategy. When you make the wall, make it about 2-3 inches taller than you want it to be. Mark off the last 2-3 inches off. Fold the wall at the marking you make. Put glue on the wall and glue it under the foundation. Do this all around the foundation.

Step 4: Flooring

Now to design the carpet. For this you can use your creative side. On your paper draw or print a design that will be measured, taped, and glued into your toy house. This is why you should do your walls first. Since your house is now 3D, measure the top of the walls. This will let you know what size to cut your flooring. When you have measured and drawn the flooring for all rooms, you can then glue it to the foundation.

Step 5: Appliances

Could you imagine your house without appliances? Nope. I couldn't either and I'm not going to. So now time to make our own appliances. Appliances include cabinets, washing machines, stoves, microwaves, etc. The simplest way to make these things are to draw them on construction paper then make them 3D by folding them. This way you can make anything you want. After folding then, glue your appliances to the walls.

Step 6: Renovations

Now it's time to really use your creative components. Decorations include paintings(drawings), t.v.'s, and much more. For example, I included bean bags and chairs in my house accompanied by a small table and t.v. And all this can be done with just paper! So get prepared to roll out the paper and get renovating!

Step 7: Story Addition

This is an optional step. I made a flap on my house above my first floor. This will allow me to create more floors/stories and pull back each story to view them. To create this flap, all you need is a strong piece of paper that is the length of the back side of your house. Just as you did with the first wall, leave a couple of inches and glue/tape it to the back of your house. If you measured correctly, the flap should completely cover the entire first floor. It can serve as a roof or the floor of the next story of your house.

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