Office Tape Roller

Introduction: Office Tape Roller

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This is a cool way to dispense your tape while being bored in the office!

Step 1: Materials

You will need 2 rulers, 2 clothes pins, 4 rubber bands, and a tape roll

Step 2: Clothes Pins

First we must set up the clothes pins. To do this you will need your 4 rubber bands. 2 per clothes pin. Fold each rubber band in half. Next take 1 rubberband and put it into the mouth of the clothes pin. Then stretch it to the end of the clothes pin. Now take rubberband 2 and put it into the opposite end of the clothes pin.(opposite of the mouth). Now stretch it to the mouth. Do the same for clothes pin 2.

Step 3: Rulers

Spread the 2 rulers apart. Now bring on the clothes pins. Put one at the top of the 2 rulers. Use the rubberbands to link the clothes pins and the rulers. Do the same with clothes pin #2 at the bottom.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Now I see, sorry I missed that you were13, your office may indeed have clothespins. ;-))