Introduction: Plus Boomerang

We all know what is a boomerang,it is wooden tool that comes back when you throw it in air.
So, today I am showing you how to make a paper plus shaped boomerang. For this you all need a square piece of paper.


1 square piece of paper approx 22 cm side ( don't use very thick paper ).

Step 1: Triangle Folding

Fold it in both the triangle ways.

Step 2: Square Folding

Fold it in all the square ways.After that you will get alol the symmetrical folding.

Step 3: Triangle Fold in Squares

Fold the paper in triangular way inside the four squares.Then you open it and fold it again in triangle in the line as shown in figures.

Step 4: Back Folding

In step 3 you had folded it in a small triangle and then you in the rectangular way.Turn it back and fold it as shown in figures.

Step 5: Making Main Part

After following step 4 ,you will get the front way as shown in figure.Again you turn it in backways and fold both the triangles facing each other.Ater it you open the triangles and fold a small triangle in the last line.Now open the triangles to form a bottle shaped.

Step 6: Middle Part

Take its middle line and fold it till its both the end and leave it to just get a line.Now follow the figures.

Step 7: The Last Part

Now you will get this type of structure and after it take its both the ends and insert it in the middle triangle.

Step 8: Final Touch

Now you had got the all four sides .Atlast
you fold it's all edges (only a little bit is required).Now it's ready.

Step 9: Flying in Right Way

Now you hold it correctly as shown in figure and then tap it's one edge nicely but nothe very hardly .IT WILL REALLY COMEBACK TO YOU AGAIN.

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