Make a Realistic Topographic Sheet

Introduction: Make a Realistic Topographic Sheet

Generally making your own topographical sheet is a tough job.There are minute detailing which fulfils the purpose of topographical sheet.
Let's try making a simple topographical sheet using the regular stationery item available to us.

Step 1: Making Rough Sketch

Make a square box and draw the easting and northing lines.Make a rough map.Try to make some rivers,lakes,symbols,elevated areas,etc.

Step 2: Making in a Detailed Way

Make the outlines in a bold way.Add some more features.Color it using ochre or sand colour and blue colour for rivers and lakes.

Step 3: Final Map

So,this is our realistic topographical map.
Try to make it so smooth as you can and make it clear.

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    Tessa makes
    Tessa makes

    1 year ago on Step 3

    Wow you are very good at making maps


    Reply 1 year ago