Introduction: Secret Chit Inside the Pen for Exam.

Many in examination likes to cheat but it is not good then also I am giving you a hint to take your secret chits inside the examination hall.IT IS ONLY FOR CHEATERS­čść­čść.


For this I am using a highlighter having an opaque covering, you can use any pen having an opaque covering.
1 Opaque covering
1 Small piece of paper

Step 1: Opening It

As you can see I am opening it and it is hollow from inside.After it I am taking its colour cotton refill.

Step 2: Writing Answers

Take a small piece of paper and write your answers or formulas in it.Roll it nicely with the refill.

Step 3: Keeping Everything Inside

Fill the rolled refill inside the pen as it was in the beginning and close the cap.Now nobody can see that there are your secret exam chits inside the pen.So, it's READY

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