Introduction: Pocket Mini Tool

DESCRIPTION : (multi-tool)

1. bottle opener

2.drill bid size checker

3.scale (cm)

4. protractor

5. headphones jack

6. screw


1. A metal sheet ( eg: aluminium, brass, steel, etc)

2. Hacksaw

3. Drilling tools (drill bids of size 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,...,11mm)

4. Sanding tools (100, 200, 250 grid)

5. File

Step 1: Take a Metal Sheet

you can choose any metal ( for eg: aluminium, brass, steel,etc)

here I choose aluminium.

Step 2: Markings

Mark the places where you feel it is perfect to fit in your pocket

Step 3: Cutting Into Suitable Size

cut it with a hacksaw as per your requirement here I have sharp edges so I need to cut them too.

Step 4: Designing Templets

I drew the tools as per my requirement I also have the templets uploaded

Step 5: Drawing and Cutting

draw the design and then cut it.

Step 6: Drilling

drill the plate according to the design you wish to do.

Step 7: Finishing (filing and Sanding)

after the cutting and drilling part, we are now left with filing the sharp edges and sanding the sheets.

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