Pocket Pal

Introduction: Pocket Pal

This isn't just any wallet its made out of duct tape,unlike some wallets it doesn't let your money fall out.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:


-Duct Tape

-Trading Cards

Step 2: Creating the Pocket

First you will need to stack the trading cards.(See picture 1) Then cover the trading cards in duct tape(sticky side up, see picture 2)

Step 3: Creating the Pocket (Continued)

Next cover the trading cards again with the sticky side down.(See picture 1) Then with the scissors knife through the top ( Whatever side it doesn't matter,see picture 2)Finally take the cards and slide them out. Congrats you have your Pocket Pal.

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    this is good for holding money and gift cards see mine it is called Pocket Pal Revolution


    13 years ago on Introduction

    When taking pictures it's important to make sure the camera focuses on your target. In most of your photos it focuses in the distance, on the carpet or table. If you hold the shutter button halfway down, it will focus (you'll feel a slight click, but not so hard that it takes the picture). Keep it held at this level, then move the camera forward and backward to get item you want focused - THEN release the shutter. If you're shooting very close, use 'macro' mode - the little flower. This mode tells the camera to zoom closer than 'standard' mode allows. Almost all digital cameras support it, and it makes for much better photos. Altogether, great project, just needs better writeup and pictures. Why not leave the top opening ...open, instead of sealing it shut then cutting it back open?