Introduction: Polar Bear Picture Frame - Last Minute DIY Christmas Presents

So it's almost Christmas and I really wanted to create these series of Last minute DIY Christmas presents Instructables to share some of my ideas.

You can easily create cheap christmas presents that are expensive looking and more importantly have that touch of uniqueness about them. It's lovely to make prersonalized gifts! You can make cool DIY gifts for friends, family or your other half and show them that you actually care! :)

I really hope you find them useful and that they give you some inspiration for making DIY Christmas presents. :)

I still think the best Christmas presents are the ones you make yourself anyway! :)) Besides this cute polar bear picture frame is so adorable and will fit anyones winter room decor! :)

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Step 1: You Can Also Watch Video Tutorial Here ;)

You can watch my video tutorial here or read written instructions in the next steps. Or both :)

Step 2: Materials You Will Need

Here is the list of materials I used in this project:

White furry fabric - from a fabric shop

gold ribbon - from a fabric shop

Hot glue gun

glue sticks


paper clips

felt - from a craft store

square canvas-craft store

Dylon white fabric paint

a small paint brush

fake eyelashes-from a drug store

Step 3: Prepare Your Canvas

Mesure your fabric to fit the canvas and then apply hot glue to the edges and stick the fabric on.

Get scissors and trim off the excess fabric and then using hot glue again, stick on the corners of the fabric.

Step 4: Create That Cute Face

Cut out shapes for the nose eyes and lips from your pink and black felt and stick them on with hot glue.

And yes, I decided to change these lips for the ones with teeth as those look much more cute :)

Then paint the details with white paint. I used fabric paint, but there is no need for it really, an acrylic paint will do just fine.

Step 5: Make It Into a Picture Frame

Cut your ribbon into different lengths and attach paper clip to the bottom of each ribbon. Then arrange them as you desire and starting with the middle one, stick the top bit of the ribbon to the back of the frame. Then do the same for the rest of the ribbons.

Step 6: Attach Eye Lashes

Attach eye lashes using hot glue. Do this step towards the end as when you are attaching stuff to the back, you will need to place the canvas face down and that could damage the lashes.

Step 7: Ears

Cut two ear shapes out of card stock and apply glue on one side, then stick to the fabric and cut out. Cut out a small ear shape out of the pink felt and stick that on the ear as well. Attach the ears to the bears' head.

Then cut off some extra fur - without the fabric bit and stick it under each ear to hide the sharp edge.

Apply hot glue and fur to the back of the ears.

Step 8: Add Your Favourite Photos

All you need to do now is to print out your favourite pictures, add them to your frame and hang it on the wall!

I really hope you enjoyed this Instructables and let me know if you make this project :)

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