Introduction: Polished Metal With Flour???

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Welcome to another Instructable

This is more of a help guide, as for a while now ive been building my VR6 (mk3 golf 2.8) and have been looking to clean up the engine bay and polish up some parts,

Anyone who has done metal polishing previously will know the suffering that this job requires but the results are second to none.

I was told this simple "life hack" as some of these bits are now called my my grandfather and for once the old goat was right ( I joke the old man really knows his stuff but I cant let him know that im secretly impressed hahaha )

You can use this on pretty much all polished metal (not painted) inc your stainless steel sink, taps, cutlery or ANYTHING you have that’s stainless steel. And it only takes one ingredient.

Yes. It’s flour. Imagine that.

Step 1: So Simple......

Now lets get started,

Im using this on my polished inlet manifold and rocker engine cover ( obviously taken off the car ) extra care should be taken when doing this around certain parts (if doing the engine bay like me)

This is so stupidly simple and effective, you’ll wonder why you ever
bothered with a stainless steel polishing agent ever before this day.

All you do is:

Clean your item (stainless steel whatever) as you normally do, making sure to get off all as much greese, mud, chunks of crud or other dirt. Then let it dry completely.

Next, just sprinkle flour all over the inside (2 tea spoons). was more than enough for both parts i am cleaning up.

Rub it down with a cloth of some sort. It really doesn’t matter what kind of cloth.but i find microfibre worked very well an helping to spread and evenly apply the flour

Now just rub lightly.

Step 2: Dusting...

Then dust the flour off completely, this is where i found the microfibre cloth handy as it picked up most of the flour, but a second if always handy to buff and remove the remaining flour. Now your stainless steel/metal should be free of all those weird stain-looking marks it sometimes takes on and have a new shine.

Step 3: Results

And here are the results......

as you can see the metal came up very nicly pretty much back to how it was when it was first done

Enjoys and happy cleaning