Introduction: Polymer Clay Candy Corn Earrings

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Recently I've been interested in making miniature food out of polymer clay. Candy corn is a classic, and one of my favorite, Halloween treats. So why not make some cute candy corn earrings?

For this project you are going to need:

- White polymer clay

- Orange polymer clay

- Yellow polymer clay

- *Brown polymer clay

- Liquid polymer clay

- Eye pins

- Earring hooks

- Jump hoops

- Needle nose pliers

- Toothpick

*You only need brown polymer clay if you want to make chocolate candy corn earrings.

Step 1: Candy Corn Cane

You don't need any fancy shaping tools for this instructable; you can just use your hands!

Take the yellow, orange, and white clay and roll them into thick snakes. Press the snakes together and shape the cane into a rectangle. Then press one end of the rectangle so it slants down from the other. Cut off a slice of the cane and round off the edges. Now you have polymer clay candy corn!

For chocolate candy corn use the same technique, but make the cane out of orange and brown clay.

Step 2: Add the Eye Pins and Bake

Once you've made the candy corn, take a charm and an eye pin. Stick the eye pin in the top of the candy corn. Then pour a small amount of liquid polymer clay onto your work surface and use a toothpick to carefully add some around and just over the loop of the eye pin. This is to make sure that the eye pin doesn't fall out of your charm. Repeat with the second candy corn. Then bake the clay at 275 degrees Fahrenheit or at 135 degrees Celsius for about 18 minutes. Let the charms cool completely before the next step.

Step 3: Candy Corn Earrings!!

When your charms cool, use pliers to add four jump hoops to the charms and attach to the earring hooks. Use more jump hoops if you want them to dangle more. Show off your handmade candy corn earrings!