Introduction: Polymer Clay DORY in COFFEE POT Tutorial /FINDING DORY/No RESIN

Helloooooo everybooooodyyyy (I'm whale writing :P) Here's a little Dory in a coffee pot charm, and don't forget to check out Jackie's tutorial and channel:Jackie's Channel:'s Tutorial: About Polymomo Tea's tutorial...It's awesome, and yes, we did watch the same trailers, so, we did end up with the same project, but please know that I would NEVER copy a fellow crafter (that I also admire!) and my own little tutorial was already uploaded and scheduled for today, before his was even out :S (Ask Jackie haha, I texted her when I got the idea :P). Aaand here's a little link with a screen shot of a facebook message I sent Jackie last Saturday, with my thumbnail and video! (I blurred out my personal facebook name for obvious reasons ;)! I love you guys, and I really hope you can just enjoy having two different methods to do this little project! :) MINIATURE Polymer Clay Coco Curry, JAPANESE CURRY, I MISS JAPAN SERIES Tsum Tsum DISNEY Polymer Clay Ice Cream Cone you can see, this week's tutorial is out on Thursday, and my next tutorial will be out on Saturday the 25th of June! :) Have fun!Here are the materials you will need:-Rolling pin-Exactoknife-2 sizes of straws-Marble-Mold Maker Kit-Yellow, Blue, Black, and White Clay-Fimo Liquid-Glaze (I use wood varnish)-Black and Yellow Paint-Hot glue gun-Heart shaped miniature cookie cutter