Introduction: Polymer Clay Ice Cream Cone Charm

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Hi! Here I'll be showing you my method for making a polymer clay ice cream cone. I like to mix liquid sculpey with clay when making ice cream, I feel it creates an ice cream like texture. If you'd like to see this in video form, please click the video above :)

You will need:

Polymer Clay

Translucent Liquid Sculpey



Stylus or toothpick


Wire cutters*

Round nose pliers*

*If you have eye pins, you don't need these :)

Step 1: Prepare the Clay for the Cone

If you already have a package of clay that is the right color, condition the clay until it is soft and pliable.

If not, mix together different colors of clay until you have the right color. I used a combination of white, yellow, orange, and brown.

Set this aside when you're done.

Step 2: Create a Mold for the Cone

Using any color of clay (if you have scrap clay, this is a great use for it), flatten a ball until it is a fairly even thickness.

Next, press the edge of the ruler into the clay, creating horizontal lines.

Then use the ruler to create lines going the opposite direction.

Bake this for the time and temperature on the clay package.

Step 3: Create the Cone

Put cornstarch onto the baked mold to keep the clay from sticking to it.

Use a small amount of the clay and roll it into a ball, then press it onto the mold.

Carefully peel it off the mold and shape it into a cone shape. Try to press on it as little as possible, as this will take away the waffle cone texture.

Step 4: Create the Ice Cream

Put a small amount of liquid sculpey on a surface. (A paper plate works well for this)

Gradually mix in small pieces of clay until you have the right color and consistency/texture.

To create chocolate chips, roll out a small piece of brown clay and bake it. Then use scissors to cut it up into small pieces.

Step 5: Create the Metal Loop for the Charm

If you have an eye pin, trim it to fit into the cone, and press it into the ice cream.

If not, cut a short length of wire.

Use the round nose pliers to form a loop in the wire.

Leave some length of wire coming out of each side of the loop to stick into the ice cream, but trim any excess.

Step 6: Fill the Cone With Ice Cream

Fill the cone with ice cream, and arrange it how you like.

Press the "chocolate" pieces into the ice cream.

Carefully press the metal loop into the ice cream.

Step 7: Bake the Charm

When everything looks how you want it to, bake it!

Step 8: Done!

and that's it! You've now created a polymer clay ice cream cone charm. You can put this on a necklace, bracelet, or whatever you'd like!

If you make this I'd love to see it - tag me on instagram @wherethecreativethingsare. Thanks for viewing my instructable!

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