Introduction: Pool Table


Check out my really cool pool table project! It even has an automatic ball return!


- 36" x 48" poster board (qty. 2) which is folded in two places to form a 24" x 36" center section and two 12" x 36" side sections.

- Cardboard 12" x 24" (used to cover one end [cross-section] of the box)

- Cardboard 12" x 36" (used as a support for the pool table)

- Two 4" wide x 36" long cardboard rectangles (used for the ball return mechanism)

- Two 2" x 36" cardboard rectangles and two 2" x 24" cardboard rectangles which will be used for the pool table rails

- A 3/4" x 12" piece of cardboard that will be used to make the ball triangle.

- Green felt at least approximately 32" x 44"

- 2" wide cellophane packing tape

- box cutter

- 10 marbles

Step 1: Form the Body of the Table

Cut out a 24" x 36" rectangle of cardboard from one of the two poster boards. Tape this rectangle to the other poster board to form a box measuring 12" x 24" x 48".

Step 2: Close One End of the Pool Table Body

Tape the 24" x 12" cardboard rectangle to one end of the box

Step 3: Make the Pockets

For the pool table corner pockets, cut 2”-diameter semi-circles at each of the 4 corners of the table, and for the side pockets, cut a 2” semi-circle in the middle of each 36” edge.

Do not discard the cut-up semi-circles. We will use them later.

Step 4: Insert the Vertical Table Support

To support the table, put a 36”x12” cardboard in the middle of the interior of the box. Tape the support cardboard along the length of both of the top and bottom cardboards.

Step 5: Form the Ball Return Troughs

To catch the balls, build two V-shaped troughs: draw a line along the center of a 2”x36” cardboard and parallel to the 36”-long edges. Fold the rectangle along the line to form a V-shape through. Do the same to the other 2”x36” cardboard.

Step 6: Place the First Set of Ends on the Troughs

Tape one of the cut-up semi-circles to one end of each V-shaped trough. Make certain that the straight edge of the semi-circle is at the top of the “V”.

Step 7: Add the Second Set of Ends on the Troughs

Tape one of the cut-up semi-circles to the remaining end of each V-shaped trough. This time, make certain that the curved edge of the semi-circle is at the top of the “V”.

Step 8: Match the Shape of the Semi-circle to the Inner Wall of the Box

The troughs will mount beneath the pockets and in order to make the troughs lie against the walls, it is necessary to trim the semi-circles. Only trim the semi-circles that have the flat edge across the top of the "V". For the trough that mounts on the right hand side of the box (shown in picture), cut the semi-circle on its right side so that it can placed flat up against the 36" wall. For the other trough which mounts on the left side of the box, trim the semi-circle on its left side so that it can lie flat against the left wall. For both the left and right troughs, the original flat part of the semi-circles at the top of the "V" are placed flat against the top of the box as shown.

Step 9:

Step 10: Install the Troughs

Using tape, fasten the troughs inside at an angle along the 36”-long side of the table. Notice that you will have to trim the semi-circles near the open end of the box (just like you did in the last step) in order for the semi-circles to lie flat against the walls of the box.

Step 11: Install the Felt

Cut up some felt for the table, pull it taut, and use tacks to fasten it to the sides of the box.

Step 12: Trace the Locations of the Pockets

Use a marker to trace on the felt the cut-up holes and cut the holes in the felt.

Step 13: Tape the Rails to the Table

I made mine 2" tall, but you can adjust to fit your taste.

Step 14: Make the Triangle

Place the marbles in the shape of a triangle, form the 3/4" x 12" cardboard around the triangle, and tape the ends. Cutoff an excess length.

Step 15: Play Pool!!!!

I use a 1/4" wooden dowel about 2 - 3' long as my pool cue.

Voila! It's a blast!

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