Introduction: Pop Up Box

Fun way to send a surprise . . .

Step 1: Supplies Needed:




Paper (multi purpose)


Scoring Board or Ruler and any scoring tool

Craft Knife

1/8” Hole Punch

Glue or Double Stick Tape

Small Rubber Band (from green onions is perfect size)

Step 2:

1. Print templates on cardstock and envelope on cardstock or regular paper. Patterns available on pdf.

2. Cut out patterns.

Step 3:

Cut along solid lines, cut out triangles, use 1/8" hole punch to punch out holes.

Step 4:

Score all dotted lines on box templates and envelope. You can use a scoring board or I find a staple remover (as shown in picture) with a ruler works really well.

Step 5:

After scoring pieces, fold along score lines.

Step 6:

Lay Template 2 on the left and Template 1 on the right. Glue or tape the tab on Template 1 to the inside of Template 2 as shown.

Step 7:

Place your rubber band through the slits on the left. Add glue or tape to the front left tab and affix to inside on right front (see picture).

Step 8:

Feed the rubber band through the slits on the other side.

Step 9:

Add glue or tape to remaining two tabs, attach triangles.

Step 10:

Now the fun begins . . . you can attach photographs, cut out the squares on the templates and decorate them or print pictures on 2 3/4" squares and attach to the box or draw directly on the box . . . be creative . . . have fun!

Step 11:

To collapse your box, just squeeze opposite edges together.

Step 12:

Score and fold your envelope, cut slit (careful with craft knife, it's sharp)

Step 13: Pop Up Box in Action

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