Introduction: Poppy Seed Bread Pudding (Makos Guba)

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This bread pudding normally served for Christmas dessert, but in our house we eat it almost anytime as it is simple, quick and easy to make which my kids love to help. Some people serve it warm but we like it chilled from the fridge.

In Hungary we use 'kifli', crescent shaped bread, but you can use any day old buns/rolls.

Some people use egg in their mixture and other additional, however our recipe is the most simplest one.

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

The measurement is just roughly, as it is depending on how many serving you'd like to make (like you can actually make a single/individual serving for yourself which of course would only need 1-2 rolls, a little milk, a little poppy seeds)

300-500 g buns/rolls, can be tear with your hands or slice with knife or cubed

100 g poppy seeds, ground

1 envelope vanilla sugar

3 1/2 c milk (or enough to soak the buns)

5 tbsp or enough sugar (the sweetness is to what you like, so more or less is depending you)

Mix vanilla sugar with ground poppy seeds

Dissolved sugar in milk and simmer on low heat . Take off from heat and dip bread slices in milk. Place soaked bread into a bowl, repeat until all breads are wet

Mix in poppy seed mixture into the bowl, stir well to combine

Serve right away or chilled (the next day is even better IMO)


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