Introduction: Poptropia How to Complete 24 Carrot Island

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Hi in my few before instructables i made a thing called How to join Poptropica. Now this is a instructable how to complete a island

Step 1: Log In

Log in and head to the map and move to a part where a group of islands like in the picture

Step 2: Talking

Talk to this person and Move on left to find Charlie's cat so now move left until you see carrot farm click on it then go to the house you will find a house

Step 3: Climb

You will see few ledges and then climb up one on the ledge you see the upper window with a entrance but you gotta enter by the chimney

Step 4: Enter and Finding Stuff

Now enter the home you will find a empty milk bowl grab to make that bowl full you will see a fireplace so enter that and you are in the chimney now get out of the farm you will see a place called carrot diner there enter you will find a blonde hair woman she will give milk

Step 5: FUN PART

You can do this or not stay in the diner you can change you hair color to do that go left and press on the drinks and make a color

Step 6: Now Go to Farm

Go to the farm and enter again now you will find a cat on the second floor it will come because of the milk you hve to chase it for a while but when she drinks the milk she will follow you

Step 7: Charlie's Shop

Go to charlies shop return the cat and get a tool

Step 8: Factory

Now head to main street and then you get up top of the factory and grab the vent blue prints this is the last picture im putting cuz it's really not anything

Step 9: Enter

Now drop down on the left you will land on a can now on that you will see a green pipe go in there now inside you will see a flapping door thingy and ignore that thing and run fast up

Step 10: Read the Map

This is tricky but now ignore the sewer rats and find a a carrot transporter go to the Master room and shift the middle lever down now climb on the stack of the barrels and on the red thing and climb that enter the vent place

Step 11: Vent

Now so you have to see the vent map and first go to the the processing room you will find wire cutters follow the map you got and go when you go there and come down and it will take you do the Freezer room now disable the security system with the wire cutter cut all the wires

Step 12: Almost

Go to a higher platform for going to the Printer room with the map now watch out for crate press peoples heads and say something is behind you and close there drone button then she will give you a system password now go to the Processing room and unmind control all the people it will take you to a room called smelter room or there will be a door for only bunny drone people go there you will find some bunny drone ears grab those and head out where them.

Step 13: ALMOST 2

Now go to the processing room and go to the big metal doors you will be at Dr hare's room now go to the computer and just enter the pass fuzzybunny climb the robot and you will be at a platform with a guy on it close the guys drone enter password and them command that is Launch rabbot and control the rabbot and Crash it into things and it Will Crash and that's our mission now get out of there go to main street you award us there

Step 14: DONE

Finally Done comment,post,like

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