Introduction: Portable Workbench

About: I'm just a 16 year old kid that likes to makes stuff :-)
I allways have all my stuff laying on the floor. So i decided to make a Workbench. But because i couldn't put it in the garage i thought i would just make it movabable. It is quite a difficult project. It takes about two days to make. And it is a big and heavy thing so don't expect to drag it around everywhere you go. And when your done with it you have a place to put all your tools, screws, nails and other stuff so it won't be laying on the ground anymore. It's also realy easy to store away. You can move it around with the wheels on the bottom. And if you ever need more space to work you can just slide out the extra half of the workbench, and when your done you can just slide it back in. On the side i put an electric box so i can put my radio on the second plate. It is also realy easy to plug your drill or electric Sander in. So just follow the simple steps and you'l have your portable workbench in no time.

Step 1: Measure and Cut

First you want to get one or two plywood plates. At least 2 cm or 3/4 of an inch. Now cut two 60 cm by 70 cm or 23 by 27 inches piece, these will be the side panels. Now cut two 52 cm by 60 cm or 20 by 23 inches plates, this these will become the top and the bottom. Also cut one 48 by 60 cm or 18 by 23 inches plate. This one is the middle plate. cut a 46.5 by 60 cm or 18 by 23 inches plate. This will become the panel that sides out of the top. After cutting all the pieces make sure you sand everything real good.

Step 2: Assemble

Now it's time to assemble everything. You can just put all the plywood plates together with corner brackets. I bought a set or organising things at the store. It came with a rack to hang all my tools. It also came with a bunch of a baskets to put all my srews and nails in. But there wasn't enough place on the rack to put my saw on. So i got a hangingscrew and put that next to it. If you want to put the extention on it just get two scrap pieces of wood and put them about 2.5 cm or 1 inch from the top with srews. Now you can slide in the plate. I also put in a hangingscrew with a piece of rope on it to make it easier to pull out. But when i put the vise on i had to cut a piece out of the plate. Later i used the piece i cut of to make two extra baskets on the bottom to hold my other stuff. I just got the piece and cut it in half. Then i cut the piece i cut in half in half again. After that i put it all toghether with srews and woodglue. After a While i notised that the workbench was kind of wobbely. So i put a plate between the bottom and middle plate. I put it there with srews. I let the srews stick out a little bit so the stuf on the top plate wont fall off. At last i put an electric box on it. So i had power with the workbench. The wire wasn't long enough but i just go an extention cord so it will reach.

Step 3: The Wheels

Now you put the wheels on. I got the two big black ones from a failed drift trike project. I put them on a hollow metal beam. I put screws on both ends so they wont fall off. I put it on the bottom with two things you use to put pvc pipes on walls. It runs quite smoothly even though it has no bearings. On the other side i put two rotating wheel with brakes. I put these on with screws. I put the wheels on the corners so i could use longer screws to secure them . The longer srews would go in the sides so they will be extra strong. With the srews the work bench becomes about 80 cm or 31.5 inches tall. This is the perfect hight for me. ( ps. I'm quite tall so if you shorter than 180cm or 71 inches you might want to make it a bit smaller.)

Your done!! Have fun with your brand new workbench.
If you need any help you can just ask me in the comments.
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