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A friend's kid saw the yarn dolls from a previous Instructable and asked if I could make him a creepy doll that he could pose with his action figures. He asked that it be blue (his favourite color) with bright yellow hair (like his) Of course I said yes and made him the monstrosity in this Instructable.

I'll never understand what 7 year olds like, so I just rolled with it and made him what he asked for. It was a hit and now he wants his little monster to have friends in different colors and sizes. Since I am not able to go visit and make them for him, I put together this Instructable for his dad.

Shhh don't tell anyone, but I ordered yarn and wire just in case his dad fails and I need to make them over a video call :)

The wire I am using is malleable enough to allow for bending without pliers.

Always wear safety glasses when cutting wire.


  • Wire/ Flexible garden tie
  • Yarn
  • Yarn Needle
  • Wire Cutters
  • Safety Glasses
  • Plastic eyes

Step 1: UPDATE

Of course I find this after I post this Instructable!!!

I went out to clean up the garden and found this flexible garden tie and it is much easier to work with. If you use these, use half the length of wire and skip the twisting steps. The rubber gives it the structure and strength we achieve by twisting the bare wire used below.

Step 2: Legs & Body

Cut a piece of wire 28 inches in length

Step 3: Bend

Bend the wire in half

Step 4: Bend the Ends

Bends each of the ends of the wire to the center of the wire

This is done to have loops at the end so the wires do not poke through

Step 5: Twist

Twist the wires to give the frame a bit more strenght

Step 6: Form the Feet

Add a ~90 degree bend to the ends approximately 8/10 of an inch long.

This will be the feet

Step 7: Arms

  • Cut a second piece of wire 14 inches long
  • Bend it in half

This will form the arms

Step 8: Bend the Ends

Take both ends of the wire to the middle fold.

Step 9: Twist

Twist the wire to make it stronger.

Step 10: Link Body & Arms

  • Take a third piece of wire ~3 inches long and use it to secure the arms to the body
  • Line up the arms with the top of the body and wrap the 3 inch wire around both pieces.

Step 11: Head

Twist 2 layers of wire as before and make a general head shape of your choice. Leave a couple of extra inches at the ends to secure it to the body.

Wrap the extra wire around the top of the frame to attach the head to the body

Step 12: Stabilize

Cut a couple of pieces of wire and wrap around the body and head to stabilize the frame

Step 13: Wrap

Take your yarn and wrap it around the entire body.

Messy is my favourite, but make it as neat or messy as you'd like.

Step 14: Tuck End

Once you are happy with the yard wrap, cut the yarn and tuck it into the body with a yarn needle

Step 15: Add Hair

Using a yarn needle, thread a few pieces of a contrasting yarn at the top of the head

Step 16: Eyes

Using a yarn needle, thread some white yarn through the front of the head for eyes.

Done. Enjoy the creepy doll.

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