Introduction: Potato Doughnuts (Oven Baked)

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A tad healthier than the fried ones :)

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

8 tbsp sugar (1/2 cup)

2 scants tbsp active dry yeast

1 1/4 cup hot milk

4 large potatoes, peel, boil, drain

3 heaping tbsp margarine/butter

4 - 4 1/2 cups flour

2 beaten eggs

a dash of salt

Mash hot potatoes along with sugar, salt, egg, and hot milk, stir until lukewarm then add in yeast, stir well.

Add in flour a little at a time, then knead dough well, cover with slightly damp towel, set aside for half hour or until size doubled. Punch down dough, let rise again.

Punch down dough, roll on a generously floured surface, cut with doughnut cutter, place on baking sheet, cover with the towel again, let rise, and bake at 350 F for 15 minutes or until slightly golden brown.

Spread margarine/butter, sprinkle with chocolate rice (I used Ritz brand, it's made of real chocolate instead regular sprinkles which usually made of royal icing) OR glaze with your favorite flavor.


Here I used cocopandan flavoring (the pink glazed doughnut) - can be purchased at Asian store or online, plain icing sugar glaze (the white glazed doughnut), and Amarula Cream Liquor (the white glazed doughnut with chocolate sprinkles on them).

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