Introduction: Pots on the Wall

Gardening is for every time not in spring only, for example cherry seeds has to be planted in fall season, so let us start our wall garden,

what you need:

  1. small pots or any plastic jars, i used plastic cups of halvah i ate before.
  2. any durable string
  3. soil
  4. something to make wholes in the pots
  5. labels, i used paper and sellotape
  6. seeds flowers and even from your kitchen like pepper, tomatoes, fruit,...etc

Step 1: Prepare Pots

first of all you have to make wholes in the bottom of each pot for excess water drain, then make two wholes in both sides on the top to hang the pots from,

insert the string in the top wholes and bind it so the pots do not slide down,

attach three pots in one string then hang on the wall

Step 2: Planting

add soil, seed, thin layer of soil

put labels to remember what was there, and it also gives nice look

water your pots and take care the top pot will drain water in the lower pots so water the first one and watch which layer will need watering

Step 3: Showtime

after few days the sprouts will appear and you will have a wonderful vertical garden.

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