Introduction: Powder Coating Stand

i needed a work station to use my powder coating machine.

so i build one......

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1 28" X 17 1/4" X 1/2 Base.

2 x 9" x 47" x 3/4 Sides

2 X 16" X 10" X 3/4 Shelves

2 X 16" X 4" X 3/4 Base

4 X 4" X 5" X 3/4 Base

1 X 17 1/2" X 4" X 1/4 Back to hold the power board

1 X 14" X 16 " X 1/4 Back of Tub

2 X 4" X 6" X 1/4 Side Holder

2 X 4" X 6" X 3/4 Side holder

1 Metal Rod 17 1/2" Long by 1/4 thick

1 2.5 " X 6 " long PVC tuve Gun Holder

Wood screws


Drill bit, Drill

Hot Glue Gun or Silicone

Brevel Tool

Small Computer Fan

Power Board

Plastic Tub 10" X 12" X 17"

Saw, safety gear, work area,

tape measure,

Casters i got mine from a chair

Step 2: Assembly

Get the base and place the 16" x 4" one on each side middle of the base. L and R

at the front and back of this pcs place one 4" x 5" facing inwards screw all from bottom of base. Drill pilot holes 1st

on the Base drill one hole on each corner that will take the casters mine came from a chair.

drill the bottom of each side, the Long pieces, and secure them with Bolts or screws.

measure 17" from the Top of the long pieces make a line and install the shelve

the second shelve goes 6" below the 1st one.

assemble the Holders as seem in pictures. one goes at the top, R side. the one with the Cut out.

the second somewhere in the middle of the stand R side.

drill and secure the PVC tuve this will hold the Powder gun.

Place the Air Filrter or Air comppresor Flow controller somewhere in the middle R side

Step 3:

Picture os base No casters installed yet

Air flow controller you need TWO one at the Comppresor and the other on the stand.

Step 4:

Plastic Tub make sure its a good one NOT a cheap one They break.....

at the back of tub in the middle or a bit up... cut a hole big enough for the fan Not too big

place a piece of wood at the back of the Tub, on the out side. make sure it covers the whole thing" Back"

cut a hole that matches the hole on the Tub.

use screws all around the back and use hot glue or silicone to seal all including the inside of tub. 4x4 hole.

at the Top about 2 or 3 inches drill a masll hole to insert the metal Rod. work hangs from here.

Step 5:

at the back of tub place the Fan and seal it around...

place the wood across the back to hold the power board

Step 6: Stove and Samples

After powder coating your work you will need a Stove to cure the work piece.

make sure to use a dedicated stove for this... DO NOT use the one to cook food!!!!!

Step 7:

it should look something like this if you get a bigger Tub,

make the whole thing bigger

Have fun and go and make something.