Introduction: Power. Wheels Fresh Paint and Find Out Why It Won’t Go in Reverse

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I restore and sell used power wheels when I receive one it has usually has been “ worked on “. Sometimes people will get rid of a ride on when just a switch or bad battery charger could be the problem. I had a power wheel John Deere excavator that was thrown away and the problem was corrosion on the battery charger terminal.

Step 1: Cleaning

I use a mixture of bleach and water,or Dollar Store “awesome “ works great. Be careful for hidden surprises!

Step 2: Drilling Drain Holes

For some reason manufacturers think all kids vehicles are stored inside,not. While cleaning you will see where water collects and can use holes

Step 3: Checking and Repairing the Vehicle.

I use blocks to raise the wheels tires to check if it’s running properly, first you have to have a fully charged battery.. I have a small spare battery I use for testing, since it has no battery or charger I change the connection to female connections. I put the gear shift in forward and it works like it should , but when I put it in reverse nothing. You have to remove the cup holder covering which covers the gear shift remove it unscrew two screw holding it in and turn it over. There is 4 more screws to remove on the bottom . From repairing a few kids cars the reverse is normally on the right side of the gear shift. I use a spare switch and put it in the reverse side ,it start working . While taking the original switch out I noticed the spade plugs on the bottom were corroded so all I had to do was clean them off with a file then reconnect. You can connect it before putting it back into the gear shift box to test ,this way you can make sure it works before putting it all back together.To remove the switches they have to be pushed up from the bottom and there are tabs that you will need to push in and up at the same time. If I didn’t get any response I would have check the foot pedal switch, when working on battery ride ons there are three main things to check, the battery foot peddle switch and the gear switches. You could use a paper clip and jump the pedal wires that will show if the pedal is bad. If you need to order a new switch you will need to specify power wheels or peg prego they are different sizes.

Step 4: Disassembly

Remove all parts that will need painting that will be different color from each other. The seats have name tags inserted that I want to be painted different from seats. If you remove them and the snap plugs break you can hot glue them back on .As you remove parts you will be able to clean spots that were unreachable it will come in handy to have a jar or cup to store all the screws you will be removing.

Step 5: Paint and Reassembled

I stayed with the same color scheme and reassembled the parts in the reverse order. The best paint is krylon that says for plastic so it can bond to the vehicle.

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