Introduction: Princess HENNIN Hat Tutorial! DIY!

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A Hennin.  A pointed princess party hat!  If you are a girl, I am sure you've always wanted one!
Okay...well I have...and my 8 year old daughter has.  So we made one together with things we already have!  This project was FREE for us!  Minimal supplies needed.
You will need heavy posterboard, thick plastic or lightweight cardboard about 22 inches wide and 11 inches tall.  Easy!
Fabric!  We had a bolt of white could use old sheets, curtains or clothes!
Hot glue and accessories like ribbon, pearls or beads!
Easy.  Let's get started!

Step 1: The Hat Form for the Beginning!

I had this fabulous plastic sheet on hand.  You could use a posterboard or flimsy cardboard...or plastic packaging from something you bought! 
I began by making this cone shape WAY TOO TALL!!!  Okay, so 11 inches tall was PLENTY!  And we went with 22 inches wide.  All the while measuring it on my daughters head...fits me too though!  :)
Think: Party hat, large Ice cream cone...not dunce cap!
Then taper the sides of your rectangle up slightly.  (easier than it sounds, I promise!)
Once I cut it, I wrapped it into a slightly overlapping cone shape and used tape to hold it in place!
I used a sharpie and marked the corner and edge of where it overlapped, so I could match it up again.
Then use scissors to cut the bottom edge to make it flat.

Step 2: The Awesome Part! It's Coming Together!

Remove tape from your form.
Take your chosen fabric...and cut a rectangle to fit the shape basically.
Then trim the fabric 1/2 inch boarder around your hat form.  (I ironed out those wrinkles first!)

Step 3: Edging! and Ironing Is a Must!

Using a hot glue gun, glue down that 1/2 inch edge onto your hat form.
I actually ironed my fabric first (rarely do I do this!), but you want it to be smooth.
Go all around every edge.  This will prevent fraying and give you the really professionally done look!

Step 4: Reforming the Hat!

When the hat is edged, re-wrap it to form the cone shape.
Hot glue that entire edge to keep it in shape.
Now, what to do with that unsightly edge?

Step 5: The Decorating! What Fun!

Here's the real fun part!  This is where my daughter helped, big time!
We used the same material we had, and rolled a bunch of rosettes.  Easy--here's a tutorial on my blog.
Then we hot glued them right along that edge!
Added some pearls and beads to look awesome!
Put 4 long ribbons into the top hole and glued them in place.
Also hot glued 2 ribbons to tie under the on each side, inside the hat.

Step 6: The Royal Princess!

The Princess is complete!
This was SOOO much fun to make with my daughter.  I love teaching my children that high quality awesomeness doesn't have to come from a store...and it doesn't have to cost a lot...or nothing!  Hooray for hoarding!  :)
This would be a GREAT addition to a Halloween costume, a renaissance fair, convention...
It would be cool to make it all STeaMPunk too!  :)  Endless options.
Hope you enjoyed the instructable! 

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