Introduction: Probably Something Every Mom or Grandma Teaches Us: Pie Crust Decor.

It's no secret Mom and I don't make homemade pie crust. (Sorry Grandma G!) It's to complicated and usually doesn't taste right cause I over knead it. So, of course I run to that freezer section pie crust saver for any pie that requires a good crust. When I make a pie that only needs one crust - what to do with the other one? Decorate!!


the extra pie crust from the box of two frozen (but currently thawed) pie crust

par- baked (is that the saying?) halfway baked pumpkin pie (or any pie really that you want to add something fancy to it.)

cookie cutters

knife or skewer

I'm not going to give a recipe for pumpkin pie - that's on the back of the pumpkin pie filling lol. Let your pie bake for that first 15min at 425 degrees f. Then roll out your second pie crust. Use cookie cutters to cut out fancy shapes - I used a pumpkin this year. I've used hearts, flowers, stars, and one year a unicorn cookie cutter. Then I used a knife (or a skewer if you are clumsy like me) and cut out leaves for around the boarder. Or even easier you could use a cookie cutter of a leaf! (I don't have one of those.)

take your pie out of the oven and while not burning yourself (I told you I was clumsy - right?) lay out your newly cut designs. Pop the pie back into the oven and change the time to 350 degrees f for the remaining cooking time.

and Voila! you are done and have a fancy pie to show off!

We cook the pie halfway (just in case you don't know) to prevent the decorations on top from burning. The pie crust underneath doesn't burn because it is covered in pie filling. Sometimes you will see people use a pie crust saver (it's a ring that fits over your pie crust to prevent it from getting burned) or a foil barrier (does basically the same thing) to keep your pie crust safe on the edges. With the leaves decor around our pie crust edges, it kept our original pie crust from burning.

Thanks for letting me ramble! Enjoy your beautiful pie!