Introduction: Programming Sidelight, Headlights and Undercarriage for RC Cars With Arduino Nano - HSP94111 Pro

This video I will show you how to program turn signals, as well as opening and closing headlights, undercarriage for RC cars using Arduino, reading PWM signals from RX then executing the command.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Components need:

-Arduino Nano

-Module 2 Relay

-Source Buck 5V-3A

-Led 7 colors, red led, white led (optional)

-Battery 4.7V -TX RX - Test Board, lead, solder ...

Step 2: Connect Electrical Circuit Diagram

-7 color LED welding for undercarriage

-LED soldering for headlights and turn signals

-Electrical circuit connection for the module

Step 3: Write the Arduino Program

Download source code for Arduino Nano in here:

Step 4: Arrange the Lights on the Car Body

Install undercarriage, turn signals, and headlights into positions of the vehicle body

Step 5: Power Connection and Test Run

I use 2 3.7V lithium batteries to power the car lights.