Introduction: Upgrade Wltoys 104311 to Traxxas TRX-4

Here I will guide the specific steps to upgrade the Wltoys 104311 to Traxxas TRX4 with available components that are extremely cheap and easy to use.

Specific upgrades are as follows:

- Front and rear LEDs can be turned on and off from the remote

- Daytime positioning lights

- Bodywork is reworked with rear bumper, support frame, fuel tank, spare wheel

- Upgrade steering with Servo, review in:

- Controlled by TX, RX GT3B

- Dual ESCs control dual bridges

- Powered by 2 18650 batteries

Step 1: Prepare Components

First you need to prepare the necessary components as follows:


- Esc brushedI8A3 30A x2:

- Led control circuit x1:

- 18650 battery x2

- 4x4mm sledge plastic bar:

- 5mm, 3mm round and square led lights + reflector x 15

- Decorative accessories: tires, gas tank,...

- Power cord 1007 24awg

Step 2: Wiring Controller Box

- Cut the wire and connect the power cord, switch wire for 2 ESCs

- Use the Y-cable to connect the control wires of the 2 ESCs

- Solder the DC jack to supply the power

- Paste the led controller into the box and wire

- Install the 12V heatsink fan on the lid

- Screw the control box to the car body and out the wires

Step 3: Attaching the Rear Port

- Modify a discarded toy car port

Step 4: Attached LED Lights at the Front and Back and Led Body

- Using 3mm gold led is square led as daytime LED connected directly to the source of the RX

- Led 5mm for headlights, front and back lights Led connect controller output

Step 5: Make Protective Frame for the Car Body

- Using 4x4mm ABS plastic bars

- Use fire to soften the corners then bend them in shape

- Finally paint black and wait to dry

Step 6: Connect the Wire to RX From the Control Box

- Servo wire --> CH1

- ESC wire --> CH2

- LED controller board --> CH3

Step 7: Mount the Body on the Kit and Run

See details here: