Introduction: Project Uno - the Jamalam's First Attempt at a Ball Machine!

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Hello everybody! This is my first attempt at a ball machine, I have built none ever before, and I used Darth trainman's instructables to help me, so some elements I give credit to Darth trainman for.

  • Sort of piece ammount friendly
  • 2 paths
  • 2 towers
  • Some elements!

  • Some steps may be hard to follow, because I thought that if I broke it up too much, I couldn't put it back together again afterwards.
  • May need editing for my low amounts of gears

Watch the avi video, also I had loadsa spare pieces on the floor =D watch out for my dodgy filming, though, and I had no motor on it at that time.

Have fun!

Nb. No piece count yet, because I am no good at them, can someone give me a piece count?Also, this ball machine can support at least 4 balls, i cannot test more because I don't have them :P

Step 1: Piece Count - Courtesy of Knex Weasel!

Green Rod: 146
White Rod: 121
Blue Rod: 202
Yellow Rod: 142
Red Rod: 74
Gray Rod: 35

Y Connector: 5
Tan Connector: 7
Green/Black Hinge: 1
Blue Hinge: 1
Dark Gray Connector: 82
Light Gray Connector: 6
Orange Connector: 72
Red Connector: 81
Green Connector: 8
Yellow Connector: 110
White Connector: 33
Purple 3D Connector: 136
Blue 3D Connector: 69

Large Yellow Gear: 2
Red Gear: 1
Medium Yellow Gear: 1
Gray Gear: 2
Blue Spacer: 1
Silver Spacer: 10
Chain Links: 63
Ball: 4


Step 2: Base

Try and build this, if you can't, then comment on the help step and I will postit in more detail.

Step 3: Tower 1

This is for tower 1, again, if you need help comment on the last step

Step 4: End of Both Tracks

Just build this

Step 5: The 1st Way

Build this as you go

Step 6: The 2nd Way

Step 7: Chain! :O

This is seriously the hardest part to build on the entire machine... I hope you don't believe me...

Step 8: Get Some Balls!

get at least 4 balls, i don't know how many it will support, but tell me.

Anyhow, add a motor to the red rod in the third picture, and it will work well. Send me a film!

Step 9: FAQ's

Ask questions and I will try to answer them!