Introduction: Protect Your School Art

Mr. Z's art students do a fabulous job creating their beautiful art work. Problem is their art work was getting folded up, crushed, and torn trying to get them home. Mr. Z tried and tried but nothing seemed to get the oversized paper home with the students without damaging the art.

Then inspiration struck! The paper towel rolls he has been collecting might just work to protect the art of our youth. He had enough for all his students to take their art home so why not try?

Step 1: Empty Paper Towel Roll to the Rescue!

Step One - Collect empty paper towel rolls

Step Two - Put name on the empty paper towel roll

Step Three - Carefully roll art work up

Step Four - Carefully slide rolled up art work into the tube (paper towel roll)

Step Five - Send home with students


Mr. Z's 60 students made it home with out folding, crushing, or tearing (by accident of course) their art work for the first time in four years!!