Psychedelic Feet

Introduction: Psychedelic Feet

About: I am new to instructables so please bare with me at times , will be much appreciated .love music & playing guitar love crossbow,s enjoy making things out of nothing up for new challenges, ie projects. car…

you will need

glue gun

balsa wood

giant lolly pop stick

2 tubular lolly pop sticks

utility knife

electrical tape

Step 1: Find an Old Toy

try and find an old toy,

or go to a pond shop and buy any toy with an led light inside

i found an old spider which is psychadelic feet now

i pulled the legs off

then at the bottom pushed 2 tubular lolly pop sticks into it

then get your balsa wood and cut 2 inch long by 3/14 inch thick

and pushed the other end of your lolly pop sticks into the balsa wood then add glue for support

then get a longer say 4 inch by 1 inch balsa wood

for the eyes,mouth and nose i cut pieces of black electrical tape then applied them to the face

grab your markers and draw a pshychadelic pattern to cover the balsa wood

Step 2: Finishing Touches

now you have everything in place

ps dont forget batteries

add a hat like i have

i also taped a piece of electrical tape to each leg

and that is that

quick and easy

try and find a toy that has different coloured led,s inside

as when its switched on it looks great going through the colours

happy crafting

please stay safe and take care

best wishes


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