Introduction: Pudding Brooch

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Lets make a sweet pudding brooch. This brooch is easy to make and takes about 20 minutes.

I'm not much one for Christmas but this brooch is just enough Christmas for me.

*Brown Felt
*White or Ecru Felt
*Green Felt
*Red Felt
*Thread in green, white/ecru and red
*Brooch back
*Fabric Glue (I have seen this referred to as fabric tack in the USA)


Step 1: Cut It Out!

Cut your pieces from the felt.

You need
*2 brown circle shapes (they don't need to be exact, it is a pudding and they are kinda blobby)
*white icing. Cut half a circle then trim up the uneven edge for the running icing.
*circle of red
*leaf in green

Step 2: Glue, Assesmble, Sew

Glue the brooch back to one of the brown circles using the fabric glue. Allow the glue to dry for about 10 minutes.

While the glue is drying on the brooch back glue up the front. Glue the icing first, then the leaf and red dot.
Stitch on the red dot. If stitching the dot on grabs your leaf you don't need to stitch the leaf as well. If not stitch on your leaf.

Blanket stitch the edge of the icing if you are handy with a needle & thread. Not essential!

By now the glue on the brooch back should be dry enough to sew on the brooch back with a few stitches. I always glue and sew just to make sure things stay together.

Step 3: The Final Glue Down and You're Done!

Glue together the front and back with a nice lather of fabric glue.

If you are handy with blanket stitch you can go around the edges in brown but when you are using this much fabric glue you really don't need to.

Allow the glue to dry before wearing as this is fabric glue and won't come off your clothes.

And it is done!