Introduction: Puerto Rican Coffee -French Press Edition

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When I worked at a local store, my boss would make this coffee. It was so strong I felt hairs raise. If you need a nice strong cup of coffee then I suggest this recipe and I also recommend drinking water afterwards.

Step 1: Gather Items

You will need!

A Means of boiling water, I like my kettle because it's efficient and the glass makes it look cool.
A French Press
A Shot Glass
Medium Ground Coffee
2 Demitasse cups (If you don't have these you can substitute with more shot glasses)
A Can Opener
2 Spoons

And Sweet and Condensed Milk. Any Size will do because you only need one teaspoon per cup.

Step 2: Step 2

Grab your tiny french press and check your equipment. Make sure your mesh is clean and that the screw holding the mesh in place is secure. After that Fill your shot glass with coffee. If you want an extra kick in the morning might I suggest Cafe Bustelo. It's already ground for this and compliments the following steps well. In the event that you can't find Bustelo please find a bitter coffee from Puerto Rico. Bitter for this recipe is choice.

Dump the Shot Glass into the French Press

Step 3: Step 3: the Important Part.

Once your water is boiling, and I mean 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius, pour 9 ounces in with your french press. and take one of your spoons and stir. You are going to want to stir occasionally for the next 8 minutes.

Super Note!
If you have 9 ounces of water poured into your kettle at the beginning of your boil, it will not contain 9 ounces at the pour. Instead I suggest pre-marking what nine ounces looks like in your french press by first pouring 9 ounces of water in, and placing a post it note, or a piece of tape, something so that you are clear on it.

Step 4: Step 4: Producing Ground Free Coffee

When Using a French Press the idea of pushing the mesh down as quickly as possible is far to tempting. Instead place the lid on and first check that everything is secure. You only get one shot at this part! If you mess up! Do Not Pull the Plunger back up! with the plunger erect place one hand lightly on top and let the weight of your hand gently and slowly push it down. Do not force it!

Now if you got excited and pushed the plunger down and have created a soupy mess, what you can do is place this french press in the fridge overnight and pour off the top in the morning. It wont be entirely grit free but it will taste delicious.

Step 5: The Final Step

Wash the Can of Sweet Condensed Creamer off and use the can opener to open. I Spoon in a spoonful of the creamer making sure you have fully stirred. Recipe makes for 2. You'll notice that there is some liquid left in the french press. Drink at your own risk as it has the superfine powder dregs in it and is a wonderful kick in the face of caffeine. Enjoy with a nice Egg Bread.

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