Introduction: Pull Back Car

Hi All,

This is small project, I made with my son to teach that we can make toys with things around us. We donot need to buy expensive kits to teach our kids , we are surrounded by many things that can be turned into a toy and there is no limit to our imagination..

I am sharing, one of the simplest toy is a pull-back car, we need popsicle stick either from our last ice-cream raid or from our craft store... few bottle caps recycling...

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- 3 Popsicle sticks
- Wooden skewer
- 4 Bottle caps
- Straw pipe
- Super glue
- Pva glue
- Rubber band
- Some bolts and nuts

- Hot glue gun
- Cutter
- Drill machine (2mm bit)

Step 2: Front Wheels

- Drill 2mm hole at the center on the caps
- Cut 50mm lenght of a skewer and attach to one cap using super glue or hot glue
- Pass a 40mm straw on the skewer
- Attach second cap

Step 3: Frame

- Make a V shape using two popsicle sticks
- Place another 30 mm popsicle stick on them and glue them in place using pva glue
- Let it dry for 30 minutes or more
- Hot glue front wheel as shown
- add 20 mm straws for back wheel as shown

Step 4: Back Wheel

- Drill 2mm holes on the caps
- Based on the distance between the end of the popsicle sticks, cut a skewer, mine was about 80mm
- Add a 20mm skewer at the center, using super glue
- This will hold rubber band on the back wheel
- Add another 20mm skewer piece on the front frame as shown

Step 5: Final Touches

- Add rubber band as shown, the rubber band should not to loose or too tight
- On the back wheels add masking tape to increase friction
- One could use rubber bands instead of paper tape
- Add nuts / bolts on the rear side, this also increases the friction between tyres and surface

Why friction ?
When we pull back the car, the rubber band gets wound on the back wheel axis, stressing the rubber band, since rubber band are elastic, it will try to come back to its original state. At this time if the rear wheels are too light or no friction is produced the car will not move forward. So we need some resistance in form of friction and

- Add a small toy on the car, i had a small baymax, this step is optional

Play with the car with your kid

One could ask kids to perform these steps too...

Please share your comments and suggestions

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