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sorry, sorry, yes I know it's yet another gun made just to show off a mech... don't worry, I promise to try and make a performance rifle after finishing this one, just please do read this one as well since this has a ton of really cool mechs within (also I have a request but I'll do that at the end)

So I noticed that, aside from the BAR and a couple derivatives, knex Bullpup either have a really short pin and crappy range with a big stock behind the mag, or they have a pin that sticks out the back. I figured, why not put that pin in front of the round? why not pull it out instead of pushing it out? I set out to do so... and this monstrosity is the result. The thing basically throws cosmetic design out the window, and yet still has problems... no, this is not likely to be a war weapon any time soon, maybe never will be. But... this is just a concept ible so stay with me as I try to explain the mech in a fairly simple manner.

1. The pin (two black rods with orange connectors at one end with a cut white between them) is pulled back, and slides over the chamber holder so that the white piece is at the very back of the gun.

2. The raising mech is lowered down to the level of the magazine

3. The round injection rod is pulled back, pushing the round out of the magazine and onto the raising mech tray

4. The tray is pushed up, pushing the round into the chamber and holding it there between the black rods in the pin, the top of the chamber, and the tray, with the white rod in the pin right behind it

5. The imaginary trigger is pulled, letting the pin fly forward and push the round out of the barrel towards a target

this is where the request comes in... I need someone good with triggers to help, I've figured out a catch for the pin, but a working transfer system for a trigger that isn't a huge box on the outside eludes me

also, I want to figure out how to make the chambering mechanism easier to operate, even operated by a motor if possible. anyone who gives me a good idea automatically gets a follow from me I'm so stumped with this problem, with both actually.

Without further ado, the pictures.

Step 1: Photos

if you want more pictures then comment with what you want, I'm kind of hoping to get it working well instead of basically just ejecting the rounds out of the front. thanks in advance for any help!

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