Introduction: Pullpup V.2

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You've heard about the v.1, right? If not, please go check that out for a little background info. This is my redo, same concept... completely different execution. In this design there isn't a feed ramp, and it's closer to a normal pin gun than a bolt action, but I'm getting far better range (about 15 ft vs rarely making it out of the barrel) and it actually shows off the design by being so much more compact and having the chamber a mere 4 and a half INCHES from the back of the gun. That deserves at least a bit of a nod, right? :p

Anyway, here's my challenge: if anyone can suggest a method (or collectively get me) to get it to fire 30 feet I will make a full ible of how to make that one that fires 30 or more ft and list everyone who helped. sound good? OK. I'm looking forward to the comments starting.... NOW! ;)