Introduction: Pumpkin Ganache Praliné

Pumpkin ganache Praliné is a wonderful treat of autumn. In contrast to the usual chocolate ganache , the pumpkin spice ganache makes these chocolates stand out...not just sweet but also a tad bit spice makes it very unique and will definitely raise a brow or two.

A beautiful Chocolate Praliné enclosing a soft creamy filling..... what a Luxury

Step 1: Ingredients

tempering chocolate chips (white and/ or brown)(200gm each)(for 8 pieces)

For the ganache filling

white chocolate chips 1cup

cream cheese -1/2 cup

pumpkin purée-1/2 cup

sugar- 1/4 cup

1Tsp butter

1 tsp spice mix- either pumpkin spice mix or just cinnamon/ cardamon

Step 2: Making the Pumpkin Ganache.

In a bowl break up white chocolate into cubes( if you have chocolate buttons even better) and microwave in small portions at a medium heat i.e. for 50 seconds at 800W- remove -stir repeat.

Repeat the process till all the chocolate has melted.

cream the chocolate and cream cheese .

Beat up the remaining ingredients

Add the spice of your choice.

Step 3: Praliné Cups

I have used mini muffin silicon molds to get these bite sized Praliné. Silicon makes them easy and quicker to handle.

Ok let us Proceed....

Keep the chocolate melts of your choice ready(melted).

I personally feel white chocolate goes best with the filling but the choice is yours. A dark shell could make it awesome too.

Coat the inside of the molds with grease( either butter or with a baking spray) to make it non stick.

Drop a blob of molten chocolate into each cup.

Swirl it around so as it coats the whole of inside with chocolate. you can assist the process using a spoon. You could use a pastry brush but is neater with a spoon.

Place the cups on a plate and refrigerate for around 15 min till the chocolate hardens.

Step 4: Filling Them

Drop a blob of ganache filling into the chocolate cups so as to fill unto 3/4th of the cup.

Give a gentle pat so that the filling levels itself.

Place it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Remove from the freezer and cover the cups with more molten chocolate to seal the filling in the cups. make sure it is all sealed in chocolate.

freeze again till hard- maybe an hour or so.

Peel off the silicon molds.

the Praline are ready .

Store them in an air tight container in the fridge

Enjoy The Seasonal soft centered Pumpkin Ganache Pralinés

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