Introduction: Pumpkin Pencil Holder Thing

This is a pencil holder for people that want some kind of decoration for their pencils. I have one because I forget where my pencils are, and I just want to keep track of them before I lose them in the void of spaces in my house. Anyways the pumpkin pencil holder, that I will call the pph, is really simple.



1. paints (orange, brown)

2. clay

Step 1: Clay

Grab your clay and roll it into a ball so it is easy to make it into a pumpkin shape.

Step 2: Pinch

Flatten the ends of the ball slightly. Then, pinch the clay to form the creases in the pumpkin. Make sure each crease is equally spaced out.

Step 3: Stem, Pencil Holes

After finishes the creases on the pumpkin, add the stem. Now poke holes around the stem and between each crease. Now, depending on which type of clay you use, bake or air dry it so it is ready to be painted on.

Step 4: Paint

Paint the stem brown and the rest orange, don't forget to to paint the bottom! It might take many layers, so poke pencils into the holes to make sure the paint doesn't block them up.

Step 5: Add Pencils

You are finished! This can get you into a festive mood and help you stay organized.

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