Introduction: Purple Rose Broche


Here is how to make a crochet rose broche.. if you like the rose you can disregard the pin and use it the way you want.. as a hair ribbon, neck ribbon, attach it to a blancket,....etc.

what you need :
1. yarn (1 for rose with the color you desire, 1 green for leaves)
2. crochet needle
3. thread and needle
4. safety pin
5. diamond
6. rose and leaf patterns

Step 1: Rose

first we will follow the pattern using the rose's yarn and crochect needle.

1st row: we will make 33 chains (30 chains + 3 chains to start the next row)
2nd row: in each ch make 2 dc and sparate dcs with 1 ch
3rd row: in the 1ch make 2 dc+3 ch+2 dc, so it will look like 4dc and 3 ch
4th row: in each 3ch make 10 dc

after that form it like the rose, use the thread and needle to fix the rose, then add the diamond in front and the safety pin in the back

Step 2: Leaves and Finishing

now apply the leaf pattern using the green yarn and crochet needle as follows:

1st row: 15 ch
above row: in each ch make 1 of these by this order 3 sc - 3 dc - 4 tc - 2 dc - 3 sc
below row: rebeat again the previous row where the above and below are identical

now you are done!

just attach the leaves to the rose and it is ready for use :) :)

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