Introduction: Put-together Pot

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This is a flowerpot made out of a soda can and some solder.

Do not drink out of the can because a piece of solder might suddenly fall off and possibly choke you,

and it may have sharp edges.

It can be used for a plant pot or to hold a flower. It is put together using random items I found lying around, this gives it it's name.

Step 1: You Will Need:

An empty soda can

A soldering iron

A lot of solder

Jumper wires



Wire cutter

Other totally random items (anything you like)

Step 2: Cut the Top Off the Can and Fill It With Patience

I'm serious. You will need a LOT of that stuff.

Step 3: Sand It

Sand the sharp edges so that they lose their sharpness.

Step 4: Cover It in Solder

Then use the soldering iron to melt it so it sticks.

This is to cover the sharp edges.

Step 5: Poke a Hole in the Side (near the Opening)

This is to attach the handle. Do the same to the opposite side.

If this is going to be a plant pot you can make a hole the bottom so that water can drain out.

Step 6: Solder a Jumper Wire (a.k.a Handle) to the Holes

Put a lot of solder to make sure it does not break.

Step 7: Cover the Solder With Tape

This is to hide the messy mess of solder.

Enjoy your randomly put together pot.