Introduction: Putting Together Star Stud Earrings

A quick DIY on how to put your Star earrings onto studs. Super easy and possibly a neat interactive party favor!

To get yourself a pair, go here:

Step 1: Tools

To continue, you'll need:

1.) Adhesive - preferably a crafting adhesive that can permanently stick multiple materials together.

2.) Earring Studs - can be purchased at a local craft store or online.

3.) Q-Tip - or another easy to use, disposable tool to apply the adhesive to the studs.

4.) Earring Backs - to prevent the studs from falling out while wearing them. These can also be purchased at a local craft store or online.

Step 2: Apply the Adhesive

1.) Put a small dab of adhesive to the Q-Tip.

*The glue I use is prone to ooze if the cap isn't put back on right away. Make sure to do this to avoid a mess!

2.) Paint the stud with the adhesive.

Step 3: Stick It!

Stick the stud to the Star earring.

Wait at least, 5 hours before wearing to make sure the glue is dry.

*Suggested wait time is 24 hours