Introduction: Puzzle

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firstly you will need

a4 piece of paper

8 inch by 8 inch balsa wood or if not what ever you can find.,x2

8x8 by 1 inch depth piece of wood for the sides.

a saw

glue gun or some wood glue.

tape measure or ruler

Step 1: Draw Your Pattern.;;

firstly get your papaer and a pencil .

now you can make your own pattern or copy if you can my one in the pic above

then cut the pieces , following the lines carefully.

Step 2: Saw Your Base

saw your base.

making sure to leave an extra 1cm at the top or bottom of the base

add the 1cm to the 8x8

Step 3: Glue the Cut Sides

now cut your sides also add 1cm

the extra 1cm is to make sure the pieces sit not to tight.

once you have cut your sides,glue them to your base.

add colour all over if you like, using permenant markers .;.

Step 4: Glue the Paper to Your Other Base

with your cut out bits of paper

glue them to your other 8x8

leave them for an hour or so to dry and bond.

Step 5: Remove the Paper

once dryed.

carefully cut out the shapes.

then remove the paper..;.

Step 6: Fit the Bits Into the Base

now with the cut out shapes give all the sides a little sanding, but not to much or you risk putting the shapes out.

then with differant colours, colour your shapes.

then fit the shapes into your tray.

and thats it.

it makes a lovely gift for someone or if you have kids it will be ideal.

ok stay safe everyone and happy hobbying.

bye for now.,;,