Introduction: Pyrographed Vintage Rose Clock

About: Hi, I'm Jovan but everybody calles my John. By profession I'm a graduate technician of mechatronics and by passion deeply in love with everything that's DIY; from woodworking to electronics and cooking.

Ello guys, whats up.
A couple of mouths ago I moved to another town and started a new life and turned my reality upside down. So, I paused for the time being writing or making any Instractables, which was one among the things I miss. Never the less, little by the little I managed to organize my place, which offered me an opportunity to make again. Yeyeyee :D
But, lets return to main story about how to make and enjoy in little vintage rose clock. The main goal was, to be a present for my little sis.
It's pretty easy to make one where the main key is your imagination and pencil or soldering iron.
Hope you like it.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


  • Battery drill
  • Electric Jig saw
  • Soldering iron or Pyrography tool
  • Drawing compass, ruler, pen
  • Drill bit 8mm
  • Sandpaper


  • Thin plywood sheet
  • Clock mechanism & battery

Step 2: Drawing & Cutting the Clock Frame

Be free to chose any kind of shape. Is it going to be a hexagon, pentagon, a square or a circle. It only depends on your creativity, so be different.
If you want to be a circle, then you'll need to find the center of the plywood sheet. Now, that's done by splitting the horizontal & vertical axis in the middle. Just like in the pictures.
After that, stick the needle of the drawing compass in the founded center & draw a circle, so that the diameter would be from one edge to the another one, of the plywood sheet.
When cutting thin plywood I spotted that using jack saw blades for metal does an awesome job. You'll get very good clean cut and you can easily make curved edges with it.
Next thing I did is to sand the whole circle, which I don't advise to do. Cause you'll end up losing your lines. Instead of that; after cutting the circle; draw a smaller one then the original. In that way, the boundaries of the clock numbers had been made and also the positions of the 12,3,6 & 9 numbers.
After that, you can go sanding the clock, but be careful not erase the line you just draw.

Step 3: Drawing Vintage Roses

This part depends from what do you draw or put on the clock. You can draw literally anything, but since I'm into vintage roses; the vintage roses shall be.
Roses I drew where from Google Images search on vintage roses drawings ( thats really simple, don't you think :/).
When drawing roses or the figure which you want, it's important to draw as ordinary as possible; without any details; just the body or the shape. After that you can draw a little bit of details, so that your pictures gets on perspective and image value. In this part you can add reflection or shades, it's really up to you. When your drawing is complete, plug in the soldering iron and lets pyrographing.
There are professional tools for such a job, but if you don't have money them, the soldering iron will an incredible job for it.

Step 4: Pyrographed Vintage Roses

There are professional tools for such a job, but if you don't have money for them, the soldering iron will do an incredible job.
Here you can play with the various tips, from sharp to dull one.
I started using the sharpest one I had, just to outline the edges of the roses, then I switched to dull one to make the imitation of reflection & shades.
In this process be very patient and careful, cause otherwise you'll end up burning unwanted wood.

In the end draw and graph the numbers. Roman or regular style, it doesn't matter. What does, is that it makes it beautiful & unique. After pyrographing give it a little sanding, not to much, just as to add some brightness in to the art.

Step 5: Mounting the Mechanism

Keep in mind where's your center of the circle, cause there will be the mounting hole for the clock mechanism.
Drill the hole with the 8mm drill bit and carefully screw down the mechanism. Pay attention to clock hands, cause they can be fragile as hell. I know, I experienced it from the first hand. :/

Step 6: Finishhh

What's left to do is to put in the battery, mount it up where you want it & admire your awesome clock.
I hope you enjoy reading it & I would love to hear your suggestions and thoughts about it.