Introduction: Quatz Tester

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A small project to test the quatz of the drawer

Step 1:

To realize this project:

-9V Frequency Meter 500mhz High Precision Reader RF Radio Frequency Measuring Instrument

-1xCI CD4069

-1x14 broches support CI

-transistor 2N2222 et BC547

-2x 1N4148

-resistance 1K,33K

-capacité 2x1nF,1x100pF,1x470pF

-1xLed blue

-1xPCB Veroboard

-Single Row 2.54mm Round Female Header Pin

-2x 2 Gear 3 Pin Toggle Switch Slide Switch Interruptor On-Off Horizontal


to power:

-3.7V 9V 5V 2A Adjustable Step Up 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Discharge Integrated Module

-3.7 V LIPO batterie 420 mAh

Step 2:

Step 3:

My schema

Step 4:

Still to assemble and test

to make the box

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