Introduction: Quick & Cute Face Mask Case

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As the hot summer weather approaches it's going to be important to swap out face masks as they get sweaty throughout the day. This is not just important for personal comfort but for basic hygiene and efficacy. This Instrcuctable will cover how to make a quick, lined flip-out case for a face mask, withthe option to clip it onto a book bag, purse or add it to a key ring.

While zip top bags are a great option to pack clean face masks in, I wanted something with a cute factor. Since I am making masks for a preschool, I have some cute fabric patterns so I started making matching flip-out cases to be sure the teachers had a way to store and keep their masks clean.


2 pieces of Fabric 9.5 x 5.25 in

Sewing Machine






1 Piece of Fabric 1x2 in

Key Ring or Carabiner

Step 1: Cut Fabric

NOTE: For Clarity, I will use a black and white fabric with contrasting thread. I will use a patterned fabric for some images to illustrate right side vs wrong side of fabric.

  • Cut two 9.5 x 5.25 in pieces of fabric.
  • If you want to add a loop, cut a piece of fabric 1 x 2 inches
    • Personally, I skip the loop, but I know it will be useful to some people, so I will add instructions for adding one.

Step 2: Pin Fabric in Place

  • Stack the 2 layers of fabric with the rights sides facing each other
  • Pin in place
    • I am using 2 pins to both hold the fabric together and as markers for leaving an opening to flip the fabric to turn the right sides of the fabric out

Step 3: Sew

  • Sew along the edges of the fabric
    • Leaving an ~ 3 inch opening to turn the fabric inside out

Step 4: Flip It Right Side Out and Top Stitch

  • Flip it right sides out
  • Press the whole thing taking care to line up the opening at the bottom
  • Top stitch the short sides & Close up the opening

Step 5: Prep Loop

  • Take the 1x2 inch piece of fabric and fold the edges to the center
    • Make sure the right side of the fabric is visible
  • Press
  • Top Stitch along both edges
  • Fold in half
  • Top Stitch at the open ends

Step 6: Fold

  • If you are adding the loop
    • Line the loop up with the template & pin in place
    • You can sew it now, or after you fold over the edges. Either works.
      • The sewn up edge should be lined up with the top of the case. The loop end is away from the edge
  • Fold along the fold line on the right side (the side opposite the loop)
    • This should not overlap the loop
  • Fold the Left side along the fold line
  • Press
  • Pin in place if needed

Step 7: Top Stitch

  • Top stitch along the short edges (top and bottom edges in image) this will also secure the loop in place
  • & Flip inside out

Step 8: Add a Key Ring or Carabiner

If you want you can Add a key ring, carabiner or nothing at all

Step 9: Add Your Mask

  • If your mask is pleated, fold it in thirds with the straps in the middle
  • Flip over the top of the case
  • Slide the mask into the pocket
  • Flip the top of the case over to close it
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