Introduction: Quick Felt Flowers

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No matter how easy felt flowers are to make, they’re definitely not streamlined or simple! So I came up with a relatively quick way to create wisteria-esque flowers. And if you have a few friends to help, it can certainly be created in just a couple of hours!


  • felt
  • scissors
  • pen or marker
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks

Step 1: Fold and Draw

Fold the felt so there are four layers. Then freehand or trace circles onto the felt. They don’t need to be perfect.

Step 2: Cut

Cut the fabric just above and below the circle so that you have a long strip of 4 unattached layers. Then cut between each circle so you have a bunch of squares. Then cut each group of squares (consisting of four layers) into their circle shape. You can also just cut the circles directly but I find this prevents the layers from getting messed up and makes things easier.

Step 3: Glue

Fold one circle over and add a small line of hot glue.

Step 4: Seal

Fold the opposite side over and carefully press to seal, creating a cone shape. The glue can squeeze through the felt so be careful not to burn yourself.

Step 5: Stack

Attach felt pieces together by adding a line of hot glue to the inside edge of the cone. Then just place one cone inside of the cone with the glue and press to seal.

Step 6: Make It Your Own!

The rest is up to you! Use whatever colors and sizes that you would like. I would suggest at least 3 different sizes from large to small depending on the length you're going for. I used string to hang mine from a circular ring to create a chandelier but you could also tie them to balloons or glue directly to a backdrop.